Life Builders - The Sunday Learning Center

Life Lessons from God's Word for the whole family.​

The Spring term of our LifeBuilders Bible Studies is just around the corner and we have 2 exciting choices for those who want to know God’s word and will in a deeper way.

The classes will begin at 9:15am and meet Sunday March 31st through June 9th. All adults are encouraged to attend and classes will be held for children and youth of all ages.

Spring Classes - March 31 - June 9

Class #1 

Bible Studies For Life by Lifeway  –  This class is going to be setup to be more of an interactive, small group-style class.  Each participant will receive a personal study guide to help you prepare, participate, and apply sessions.  Some of our small groups will also be using these materials.  

Session #1 - Finding Meaning: Wisdom from Ecclesiastes

The Book of Ecclesiastes takes us beyond a life that is empty and futile to one that is full of meaning and purpose.

Teachers:  Scott Gribben and Tom Rhoads

Class #2

The Book of Ephesians  –  This New Testament book has been called “the Queen of Epistles” and “the sublimest communication ever made to man”. The Apostle Paul addresses such subjects as predestination vs. free will, salvation by grace vs. good works, the mystery of Jew and Gentile being united in one body in Christ, spiritual gifts, putting on the armor of God, and a detailed outline of the Christian lifestyle. Please join us for this chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of this great book, discussion is welcomed.

Teachers: Steve Doarnberger and Steve Wingate

Breakfast Club - Jr. and Sr. High lessons​

Teenagers are at a crossroads in their lives – deciding for themselves what they are going to believe and what their values are going to be.  Josh and Shane do an awesome job of leading teens in the right direction, so they will make good decisions on their own.

Kidzone - For kids 2 years - 6th grade​

Every child deserves to be protected and to feel loved.  This is the commitment our children’s teachers make to you.

Childhood training pours the foundation for the path people will follow.  Our caring teachers will help your child to have a personal relationship with God, to grow in God’s love, and to know God’s Word, so that they will find meaning and purpose in life.  To assist them, our teachers use the curriculum of “Gospel Light” as they instruct children from God’s Word.

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